2012 Album Roundup

2012 LPs

Many of my 2012 LPs

I give up.

I’ve been thinking about the inevitable year-end top whatever list of albums for more than a month now. Countless records have found their way across the turntable or into my phone for listening on the train and some have risen to the top and others aren’t even a blip. But so many of them are just too good to rank, dismiss, or inadvertently diminish by stacking it above (or below) some other great album. The real message that bears conveying is that I’ve listened to a lot of great music this year and, while some of it was new in 2012, some of it dates well back to the past.

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New Pornographers “Together” Pre-Sale & Tourdates

As mentioned previously, The New Pornographers will be releasing their new album, Together on May 4. You can pre-order it today from Matador Records. Preorders come with a poster and a 7″ of the band covering three songs from the Detroit psych-pop band Outrageous Cherry. The first single, “The Crash Years” is available today via iTunes.

Before we get to that epic list of tourdates, here’s one of the tracks Outrageous Cherry tracks that will be on the 7″ for all pre-orders:

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Favorite Albums of 2008

It’s that time of year again when we share with you what didn’t suck about 2008. This list is a subjective list of favorites rather than some attempt to objectively detail the supposed “Best”. As an objective reviewer, I get bored so allow me to tell you about ten great records that will continue to get some play as we go into 2009. after which I’ll mention a few additional good records and some stinkers, too! 
(Listed in alphabetical order.)


Beck – Modern Guilt


This one, I reviewed at length earlier this year. It is still one of my favorite Beck albums and a highlight of the year. Read the full review here: http://www.rowjimmy.com/archives/136

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

Bon Iver

This record slays me. Largely acoustic, it is passionate, smart, and heartbreaking. Recommended for rainy days in a window seat…

Deerhunter – Microcastle


I was aware of Deerhunter but had never heard their work until (I think it may have been) NPR’s All Songs Considered that turned me on to this album. Part of me thinks that this may be as close as we’ll ever get to a followup to My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless. The guitars wash in waves over the listener in just the right way. The songs fade and give way to one another in a mindful succession that insists (but does not require) a straight-through listen. When the title track,  “Microcastle”, kicks in after two minutes, I challenge you to sit still and unaffected. The inclusion of an entire second album is a wonderful bonus.

Dr. Dog – Fate

Dr. Dog

Building on the late works of The Beatles and the early works of The Band, Dr. Dog has created a stunning album of ear-catching melodies and striking lyrics. Explorations of spirituality, romance, and the weight of time fill this record along with some terrific playing and singing. This is one of those records that I can listen to again and again and I have been doing exactly that since I first came across it.

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