This site has been around in various formations on various hosts since before the turn of the century. Let’s check the Wayback machine, shall we?

My first subdomain hosted by my good friend Jble: cdr.flavorj.com (Jble was “flavorj”)

I then setup my own domain: www.rowjimmy.com

Eventually, I moved into the future and installed WordPress. The final version of the site, from the pre-WordPress days is still online here. It’s been ten years since that site was active. You can also find through there a link to my sub-page of essays. Mostly it’s material that I wrote with a couple of guest pieces thrown in. Or you can jump to that stuff directly. (Disclaimer: the writing is kind of weak and the HTML is worse.)

As of February 2015, this site is still using WordPress, now with the Harmonic theme by Automattic.

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