The Magic Numbers

In keeping with my long running tradition of getting into a band way after the initial wave has crashed, I’m totally digging on The Magic Numbers‘ 2007 release, Those The Brokes. The fluid dynamics of the album, with songs ranging from pulsing rockers to thoughtful meditations, captures my attentions and keeps me in place from beginning to end.

Checkout the first cut, This Is A Song:


 I love how the bass drives the track while the harmonies wash over the whole thing. Some have compared their vocals to The Beach Boys and they’ll admit to the influence. Me; I hear also Fleetwood Mac. In a good way. (I like Fleetwood Mac. Don’t front. You know you do too. Aside from Tusk. No one likes Tusk. Stupid song, that.)

So this record came out in the UK back in 2006 and then hit the US in 2007. I first heard them on (yet another) KEXP Live Performance Podcast last year and was way impressed. I immediately sought out the LP, listened to it, loved it, and misplaced it in the shuffle of my music-heavy lifestyle. Until this weekend. Listening to a track from this in the car yesterday drove me to re-download the podcast for this morning’s commute. After that re-awakening, I dialed up the album and have not let it rest…

 Check it out.

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