Still Not News

I said it here and I still mean it.

A Phish Reunion is not yet imminent.

Do not gas up the bus.

I repeat; do not gas up the bus.

You might want to make sure it still runs, though.

Now, Phish lyricist and longtime friend of Trey Anastasio, Tom Marshall, is getting into the fray and has told PopMatters that he and Trey are writing songs and that “Trey wants Phish to come back.”

Tom Marshall kills, errm, finishes off the ’98 Hampton shows.

He goes on to say lots of things including this:

“Reforming something like (Phish) has so many pieces, it’s a very complex, three-dimensional, four-dimensional, jigsaw puzzle,” said Marshall, adding “No one wants Phish back more than Trey.”

Read the entire article here.

Phish or no Phish, I certainly like the idea of new songs…