Spring 2012 Mix

Spring has sprung and that’s as good a reason as any to offer to my readers & friends a mix of some of the music that I’ve been jamming lately.

Woods – Skull – 2011 Summer Tour Split 7″ (Woodsist 2011)
The Cosmic Dead – The Spaceman – Psychonaut (self-released 2011)
David Bromberg – Diamond Lil – Demon In Disguise (Columbia 1972)
Matt Valentine – Hit The Trails – What I Became (Woodsist 2011)
Megafaun – These Words – Megafaun (Hometapes 2011)
Alexander ‘Skip’ Spence – Little Hands – Oar (Columbia 1969)
John Hartford – Back In The Goodle Days – Aereo-plain (Warner Brothers 1971)
Flaming Lips with Neon Indian – Is David Bowie Dying? – s/t (EP) (Warner Brothers/Lovely Sorts Of Death 2011)
Woodsman – Inside Outside – Rare Forms (Lefse/Firetalk 2011)
Brian Eno – St. Elmo’s Fire – Another Green World (Island 1975)
Akron/Family – Sun Will Shine – Set Em Wild Set Em Free (Dead Oceans 2009)

(Stream removed for bandwidth’s sake) But you can still
Download Here.

Most of these tracks are readily available except for the Woods track which is from last Summer’s tour 7″ that they split with Kurt Vile. It might be tough.

The Cosmic Dead are a great band from Glasgow, U.K. and the album “Psychonaut” is a free download on their bandcamp page.

David Bromberg is a great player and you should pick up any of his albums. “Demon In Disguise” is on iTunes and, if you look around I’m sure you’ll find it on vinyl. Jerry Garcia and other members of the Grateful Dead are on the record too.

Speaking of vinyl, you’ll want to hit up Woodsist to pick up Matt ‘MV’ Valentine’s “What I Became”. I scored it recently and love it.

Megafaun‘s great tune, “These Words”, is from their self-titled album from last year which made #3 on my albums of the year list.

Skip Spence’s “Little Hands” is off his amazing album, “Oar” which you can get via iTunes or, possibly via your local record store.

John Hartford’s “Aereo-plain” album is a solid classic (produced by Bromberg, too!) Seek it out and be sure to thank me. (If you come across it on vinyl, pick it up and send it my way!)

The Flaming Lips have spent the last year collaborating with various artists and groups. Some, such as this with Neon Indian, were released in very limited vinyl editions but most will also be featured on their Record Store Day 2012 release, “The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends”. Line up early.

Woodsman’s album, “Rare Forms” made my top twenty last year and this track, “Inside Outside” is a good example of why. You can get all of their stuff digitally here or hit your favorite shop and have them order you the record.

Another trip back to the 70’s gives us Brian Eno’s “St. Elmo’s Fire” from his “Another Green World” album. I’ve been rediscovering this era of Eno albums recently and I’ve found that I really love his songwriting. I shouldn’t have to tell you to buy his stuff but, in case I do… I just did.

Lastly, Akron/Family’s “Sun Will Shine” from their 2009 album “Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free”. Grab this from their label if you don’t have it already.

Anyway… I hope you enjoy the mix. Let me know if I should do this again.